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The Evolution of ANDi

The Evolution of ANDi


Can you believe that ANDi has been in business almost 4 years!? It's so so crazy. Lets take a look through the memories and see just how far ANDi has come.


ANDi's first ever photoshoot!!



Velvets were our very first scrunchies! It's crazy that they've been around this long.




The original scrunchie cardboard mockup, vs how they turned out!!




The very first wholesale order...



Adrienne's last day at her old job before starting ANDi full time!


Black Friday -- if only they knew how crazy black friday would be in the future. It gets INSANE.


Our very first athletics! The athletic collection has grown so much since then.



We used to collaborate with Scheels, and this was our first big order going out to them! It was a big deal!


We launched ANDi T shirts! It's so crazy seeing people buy/wear shirts with your brand on it!



Our first Pinners Conference! It's crazy looking back at this photo comparing it to what our Pinners Conference booth looks like now.



Adrienne's kitchen being taken over by boxes and scrunchies -- so nice to have a warehouse space now!



This must've been before we discovered the big post office shipping bags. So many packages going out!


Building our new market boards that we use now!! They look so so good, that we've since had to make more!



Then the pandemic happened--nice to already have a work from home job, but Adrienne said she lost her mind a bit.



2 years of ANDi!!!! Plenty more to come.



Then we got our warehouse space! It was a journey moving everything from the basement, but so so worth it. I can't believe everything fit down there before.



The room where we pull your orders! Scrunchies stacked up to the ceiling, basically.



We had our first company Christmas party! We played all kinds of minute to win it games and got prizes haha.



Here we are now, expanding so much that we are expanding our warehouse! It's so amazing and insane that the business has grown this much, and it couldn't be done without all of you!


It's been quite the journey, and still lots more to come!! Thanks for being here!!

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