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our mission

Andi is on a mission to provide functional accessories that empower women to feel cute and confident everyday. We strive to create a variety of products to help you find the perfect accessory for any stage or activity of life. Whether you’re running kids to school, working in the lab, heading to a business meeting, or at the beach on vacation, we have an accessory for you. We work everyday to try and make our products attainable for all and help you discover your personal style. We hope you’ll join us in this mission and support our woman owned, small business!

our founders story

Adrienne started Andi in 2018 from her little college apartment. At the time, she was putting her husband through school by working nights in the hospital lab. Although she had graduated from University with a degree in the science world, she’s always had a passion for women’s fashion. During breaks and down time, Adrienne started designing and developing a line of scrunchies. She wanted a scrunchie that would hold your hair, had a cute design, and the best fabric. It all started with one bow scrunchie in 5 different colors. That scrunchie has snowballed into thousands of products that now help a community of women find comfort and confidence in everyday life.

the andi commitment

As a small business our priority is our customer. This is why we prioritize the customer experience and strive for outstanding customer service. We are committed to finding and creating quality products that work for everyday use. In the scenario that this doesn’t happen we always put the customer first by providing top notch customer service. We love our community, and are always looking for ways to better serve you!

women building women

Our founder has made it an Andi mission to help women find success in a world that hasn’t always valued them. Not only do we create accessories to help women find confidence and comfort in their lives and jobs, but we also seek to help professionals be successful. Last year Andi donated thousands of dollars, and hours of time, helping the community rally behind their local educators, to provide vital classroom supplies for teachers and kids. Andi plans to stay involved in the community and always find ways to support women!