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Our ANDi Favorites

We are well aware that we have a crazy amount of cute things to choose from. Making it kind of difficult to decide on what you need...SO we are here to help by showing you our staff picks!

Adrienne - the head of everything here at ANDi. Her favorites probably mean the most, so I hope you're paying attention.

Sarah (me writing this) - creates blog posts, newsletters, graphics, and other things. I feel like I know what's cute so here are my favs.

Tammy - our amazing warehouse manager who does all kinds of things! (Lover of all things hazelnut).

Morgan - the queen of graphics & scrunchie patterns. Also makes emails, and does collaborations.

Norielle - the newest member to our shipping team!!

Janan - our super quick fulfillment expert!

Brookelyn - the lady behind our social media accounts! Make sure you're interacting with her fun stories!

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