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All About Metals


MARCH 2022

All about our jewelry metals and how to care for them!

We recently launched some new luxury watch bands! They're so stunning and perfect for when you want your watch to feel a little bit fancier. With that being said, we've gotten some questions about the metals--so here we are to tell you about them!

What material are they?

These bands are all stainless steel! The rose gold and gold bands are also vacuum plated with 18k gold.

Let's learn about stainless steel

Stainless steel is an alloy of carbon and iron, and has an endless amount of perks. It is obviously way more affordable than real gold jewelry, and it's also more durable and you don't have to worry about it nearly as much!

It is waterproof, very durable, scratch resistant, prevents oxidation, and is super strong! It can last for many years, and still remain shiny! One of the best perks is that it is ideal for sensitive skin.

Now onto the gold plating

In order for the jewelry to be gold, instead of silver like stainless steel; they have to be gold plated. These bands are 'vacuum gold plated', which is even better!

Basically gold plating is when a thin layer of gold is bonded into a base metal, which in this case is stainless steel. It is real gold, but just a thin layer to get the perfect gold look! You still want to take care of it, and keep it away from chemicals and chlorine to keep it looking perfect as long as possible.

Vacuum gold plating makes it so the jewelry is even more resistant than regular gold plating. This method makes it more resistant to corroding with sweat, which is perfect in a watch band!

How to care for them

Caring for stainless steel is so much easier than real gold, and silver jewelry. You don't need any fancy cleaning method, but if it's starting to look a little dirty, then you can do this!

Put 1 TBSP of baking soda in a bowl with 1/2 TBSP of water. Then just take a toothbrush and scrub the jewelry with the mixture! Rinse it off with water after, and dry it with a cloth and you're good to go!

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