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Q: If I am buying gifts for family members, how do I make sure they are packaged separately?

- you can leave a note on the cart page before you click the checkout button and tell us how you'd like things packaged. We will try to oblige the best we can but we are having huge order volumes and some things could be missed. Please be patient with us!!

Q: Can I return/exchange items purchased during the sale?

- You can exchange watch bands used with the Black Friday coupon code until January 10th. You CANNOT return or exchange items that are on sale. Those items are final sale. 

Q: I made a mistake on my order, can I edit it or change it?

- no, we are not able to edit any orders after they are placed. The only option is to cancel it.

Q: I forgot to add my discount code, can you refund me?

- We will try our best to get to customer service requests within a timely manner and help with forgotten discount codes.

Q: Can you combine my order and refund me shipping?

-No, we are not able to combine you orders during the sale. It gets to tricky when there is a ton of order.

Q: I need to cancel my order

- We will try to cancel any orders by request but we can't guarantee we will get to your email before the order ships.

Q: How long will shipping take?

- Shipping from our Utah warehouse should take about 3-4 days and once your package is in USPS hands, it should take about 3-4 days as well. Expect your package in about 8-10 days from your order date.

Q: Are you shipping internationally?

- Yes but we do not guarantee packages to get there before Christmas. It could take a couple months or longer to get your package.

Q: Will things be restocked during the sale?

-No, everything is live right now.

Q: How do I get in contact with someone about my order?

- we can we reached at monday-friday. We will try to respond to emails within 24 hrs. Please be patient with us as we have a lot of emails to go through during the sale.