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Want exclusive products at an exclusive price?‌ Exclusive Andi products shipped to you quarterly (that’s every 3 months!)‌ You’ll get 35% off retail price - only $18 every 3 months!

how it works

subscribe and save

Get 35% + off retail pricing when you subscribe! It is the most affordable way to access our exclusive subscription box products. Only $18 every 3 months.

exclusive accessories every 3 months

Each quarter our team curates an exclusive box of accessories perfect for the season. These accessories are ONLY available in the subscription box! Your box will include a variety of Andi accessories for each quarter.

stay in control

You’ll receive a preview of your upcoming box each quarter and can cancel at anytime, or rejoin anytime! You will only be charged every 3 months when your subscription renews.

one time purchase | $24


$30+ worth of Andi products

Single purchase (no recurring payments)

Access Unique & Exclusive Andi products

Save an additional 35%

pay quarterly | $18


$30+ worth of Andi products

Only charged once every 3 months

Access Unique and Exclusive Andi products for the best price