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Thick Hair Tips - ANDI

Thick Hair Tips

Having thick hair in the summer can be a struggle. As a girl with thick hair myself, finding hairstyles and products that keep my hair up, and the sweat off my neck has been a nightmare. Here are Andi's tips to keep your hair healthy, beautiful and tamed all summer long. 

"I didn't want to go out, but my hair looked too good to stay in."

woman with scrunchie
image from Shop Andi
woman with scrunchie in hair
Image from Shop Andi

scrunchies for thick hair

I've found that the Shop Andi products that keep your luscious locks up are our oversized scrunchies and big claw clips. Our jumbo scrunchies are the only things that keep my messy buns in place all day. Whether it's a casual date night, a hike up the mountain, or just a coffee run, it's always an easy, one-try updo (if you have thick hair, you know the struggle of tired arms).

woman with claw clip in hair
image from Shop Andi
woman with claw clip in hair
Image from Shop Andi

claw clips for thick hair

As for claw clips, our XL claw clips are amazing as their bigger size and deeper opening, make it easier to hold all of your beautiful hair. Our french twist clawclip pack is another great option for thick hair, while they are smaller in size, they have tons of teeth and are amazing for half-up do's and a twist up style. Both claw clip options have a tight hold and stay in place even with thick, heavy hair. Say goodbye to sweaty necks, loose updos, and constant adjusting.

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  • Rebecca

    Needed this!!! Love your XL claw clips for summer❤️

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