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7 Valentine's gift ideas for your girlies - ANDI

7 Valentine's gift ideas for your girlies

Valentine's Day can be a tricky Holiday, especially if you don’t have a romantic love interest swooning over you. I’ve never heard a rule saying you can only participate when the universe has so graciously granted you a lover. I think it's time we get back to our elementary school Valentine’s celebrations and focus on celebrating love with little cheesy cards and fun gifts. I don’t know about you, but there was something incredibly fun and satisfying about all 30 of my classmates being forced to give me a themed card saying how much they love me.

Despite your relationship status we have 7 fun gift ideas for your girlies! This could be a little Valentine's gift for your friend group girls, your “I wanna be more than friends” girl, your girlfriend, your wife, for your family girls, or even for yourself! Let’s build off our nostalgia and find fun ways to say “I love you” this February season! 

Here are our 7 fave ideas! 

  1. A valentines accessory, from yours truly. Talk about amazing gifts under $15. I would recommend our recently launched Amore Floral keychain. It’s literally so cute, and the perfect little gift to keep yourself top of mind. Our Valentine’s collection is full of affordable and cute gifts to give your girlies, from our best selling jumbo scrunchies to brand new clips! 
  2. Thread Wallets is another gift that slaps for under $15. They have minimal elastic wallets that are incredibly functional and so unique. We are obsessed with them! This is such a fun gift to give a friend or family member that will remind them that you care! 
  3. Nothing quite says “Happy Valentine’s day” like LIP BALM. Play wingwomen by keeping your besties lips primed for valentine’s day with a Poppy & Pout lip balm. This is one of our fave brands, with just an amazing vibe. They have the cutest packaging + an amazing product! 
  4. Our next idea is custom hand-made jewelry. And yes, I've got the perfect small business recommendation for you: The Handmade Studio. They have high quality minimal products that are handmade by a wife & husband duo. They have gold filled rings for as low as $14. It's literally the perfect Valentine’s gift idea. 
  5. If you want to really go big for a friend or two you should schedule a spa day with/for them at a reflexology bar. OMG, if you haven’t tried one out, this is the perfect excuse! My favorite place locally is Fika Reflexology Bar in Pleasant Grove. It is a transcendent experience, sure to put you as number 1 among any friend or lover. 
  6. Number six smells… hmmmm it smells amazing! Our next recommendation comes from DIME beauty. It is a perfume that will be sure to woo any love interest, and/or re-spark some magic for the season. Their 7 Summers perfume has 4.8 stars with nearly 2,300 reviews. It’s that good!
  7. Last but not least, a Fawn Design bag. Bags are super trendy and cute right now and Fawn has an amazing selection of cross-body bags, backpacks, purses and etc. My personal favorite right now is their minimal cell phone bags. They are so cute! 

My final idea for you is to go to your local store and buy a box of adorably themed Valentine's cards paired with some delicious heart themed candies. Then take them to neighbors, friends, classmates, co-workers etc. It makes for a super fun day. The nostalgia of giving out valentines cards will help fuel us through the dark and dreary time that is winter. Happy heart day to you all! 

Much love, 

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